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Celebrate Father’s Day With 12 Comic Book Superheroes Who Are Also Super Dads (Photos)

Friday, June 19, 2020

In honor of Father’s Day, TheWrap takes a look at the Top 12 Comic Book Superhero Dads

While all fathers are indeed superheroes in real life and in the eyes of their children, TheWrap has complied a list of the following 12 comic book superhero fathers. Some are father figures, some are actually heroes, and some are just the kind of dads who help guide their kids to become superheroes.

Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce is a father figure by his day job as a high school principal, and a loving father to his daughters. However, when his daughters are kidnapped by the 100 gang, he suits up to get them back which has to be the ultimate superhero dad move

Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards is the kind of uber cool dad that makes promises and takes his family on vacation outside of the known universe so that he can take his son Franklin out to create universes.

T’Chaka (T’Challa’s dad)

Both a superhero in his own right, the ruler of Wakanda, and the father of both T’Challa and Shuri, T’Chaka also supported the Sokovia accords and vowed to fight to improve the world Wakanda wishes to join in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Luke Cage

Bullet proof skin, superhuman strength, and a doting dad to daughter Danielle he fathered with superhero and wife Jessica Jones. Cage certainly puts family first as he has quit the Avengers on numerous occasions in order to spend more time with his family.

Thomas Wayne

Along with being the father of Bruce Wayne, Thosmas Wayne is a darker superhero who is the Batman of Flashpoint. In one of the most touching father son moments in comics, Thomas gives Barry Allen a letter to give to his son Bruce about being consumed by loss and finding hope and love again which shows Bruce in a rare moment of vulnerability.


Perhaps the dad of this list who epitomizes tough love, Odin is that strict and stubborn father who as a form of punishment, is not above banishing his kid to another realm.

Tony Stark

“I love you 3000” anyone? The ultimate dad phrase comes from the former playboy turned surrogate father to Tom Holland’s Spider-man and doting dad to daughter Morgan. Bonus dad points for making that video to Morgan at the end of “Avengers: Endgame.”

Howard Stark

A surrogate father to Captain America back in the day during the super soldier serum experiment, and also Tony Stark’s dad. Being a dad to two of Earth’s mightiest heroes cements his place on this list.

Jor El

How can Superman’s father not be on the list? If saving the life of your only son by putting him in a rocket to Earth to avoid armageddon on Krypton isn’t a superhero dad move, then we don’t know what is.

Bruce Wayne

Easily the tough loving micro managing sports dad of this list who pushes his wards like Dick Greyson, Jason Todd, Time Drake, and his only son Damien to reach their fullest potentials, much to their frustrations.

Mr Incredible

They only superhero dad from the Pixar bunch who just happens to also be incredible.

Alfred Pennyworth

Although not a biological father, but a surrogate father to Bruce Wayne who has been there for Bruce during Batman’s darkest moments. Alfred is always there to stitch up Bruce, wash his batsuit, makes sure he gets proper nutrition and rest, call out Bruce on his nonsense, and even suit up as Batman himself if he has to.

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