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Colbert Dogs Trump’s Efforts to Woo Latinos: ‘Like Cruella de Vil Trying to Woo Sarah McLachlan’ (Video)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Stephen Colbert doesn’t think Donald Trump has much of a chance to win over Latino voters in 2020, and he dogged POTUS with a Disney-fied analogy to make his point.

On Tuesday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert noted that at a political rally in New Mexico this week, Trump attempted to market himself to Latino voters. “So after four years of Donald Trump throwing Latinos under the bus that he stopped at the border, by saying that legal, and illegal immigrants are all coming to kill us, Trump’s plan to win is to woo Hispanic voters,” Colbert said.

“So this is like Cruella de Vil trying to woo Sarah McLachlan,” he then joked, switching into his Trump accent to sing the lyrics to “In the Arms of the Angels.” Or as it’s better known, the McLachlan song used in those heartbreaking ASPCA commercials.

Colbert then rolled a clip of what he described as Trump “laying it on mucho thick” at the rally. In the clip, Trump asked how many people in the crowd were Hispanic.

“Always a good sign asking minorities to identify themselves,” Colbert said before he switched back to his Trump impression. “Whoah, I can’t believe you fell for that. Round em up boys.”

Watch the clip below:

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