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Colbert Imagines Bernie Vs Biden as a Fight Over ‘The Lion King’ Remake (Video)

Thursday, March 5, 2020

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a look at the emerging narrative from Super Tuesday, that the democratic primary is coming down to a fight between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden — and he imagined Bernie as an angry cinephile depending the original version of Disney’s “The Lion King.”

The bit came during his opening monologue, when he discussed the results of Super Tuesday. As most of you no doubt know, While Bernie came away with a healthy number of delegates and leads in states like Colorado, Utah and California, Joe Biden came in first in most of the nights primaries.

So it is that Colbert played a clip from Sanders’ Super Tuesday speech in which he contrasted his own history as a legislator and politician with Joe Biden’s. (Obviously he presented himself as fighting for regular people and Biden as fighting for, essentially, banks.)

“One of us has spent his entire life fighting against cuts in Social Security. Another candidate has been on the floor of the Senate calling for cuts to Social Security,” Sanders says in the clip.

Cut back to Colbert who said, in his Bernie impression voice, “one of us wanted to leave the lion king as it was. The other said let’s remake it with computer lions. Completely took away the whimsy. Hakuna m-disaster.”

Watch the whole clip below:

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