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Divorce? Child Or Spousal Support An Issue?

Friday, December 30, 2016

To Win in Court Hire CALPI.US

CALPI.US, a well-known licensed private investigator in California, works extensively with attorneys, testifies in court, and provides consistently innovative private investigation and process service. His firm has more than 30 years of experience; their services are reasonably priced, and always goes the extra mile to get the job done.

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Hiring the right attorney to represent you is very important. Hiring the right investigator to gather the evidence to get the results you want is just as important.

When you are involved in a support dispute, having a knowledgeable private investigator on your side can make the difference between success and failure.

An expert investigator knows how to get the admissible evidence necessary to obtain a court order. An experienced investigator is an independent witness and has expertise in testifying in court. An investigator with years of experience will be familiar with the many possible scenarios which may present in each case. It is the dedicated, expert methods of a true professional which will help secure success in court.

“Sensitive, private dealings can be very intricate, and precarious,” says CALPI.US, a licensed California private investigator since 1985, one of the most trusted firms specializing in such involved scenarios. “Being knowledgeable about the nuances of support cases and surveillance of spouses, is critical for anyone engaged in family law cases.” CALPI.US continued. For more information, contact us at 877 202 9064 Or Fax 877 202 9065.

A private investigator can be extremely beneficial to your chances of prevailing in court. When child and/or spousal support are contested issues then the evidence a private investigator can gather and present on your behalf can be very persuasive to the court. In order for any evidence to be presented to the court in support of your position it must meet the requirements set forth in the California Evidence Code. These requirements include how the evidence was obtained and how it was preserved and documented afterwards. A licensed experienced private investigator, working with your attorney, is familiar with the legalities related to evidence gathering and will ensure that his or her procedure is in compliance with the California Evidence Code so that it will be admissible in court.

If you are involved in a support battle you must hire a licensed experienced investigator to gather relevant evidence to present to the judge. Is your spouse living with someone and lying about it?

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or failing to disclose his or her living situation which is relevant to support calculations, you must have your attorney hire a private investigator to confirm those suspicions. Again, in order to win on those issues, it will be necessary to present admissible evidence to support your case. While you may suspect that your spouse is not disclosing information your suspicions will not be admissible in court. As well, private documents or information of your spouse’s that you or a friend gather for evidence of your suspicions also would be unlikely to satisfy the requirements of the complex and complicated California Evidence Code and hence would not be admissible An investigator could uncover such activity, collect the relevant data and information, report back to the attorney and then testify to their findings in court. The private investigator will be knowledgeable about the California rules of evidence and will gather the information, data or documents legally so that it may be admitted into evidence.

It is most important that you discuss the hiring of an investigator with your attorney and, if the two of you decide that the services of an investigator could be helpful in your case, then your attorney, not you, needs to retain the services of an experienced licensed private investigator. As you know, anything you tell your attorney or any writings, notes, strategy, documents or evidence prepared in contemplation of trial, by your lawyer on your behalf, is considered attorney work product and is privileged protected information. This may not be disclosed to the opposition. Similarly, when an investigator is hired by an attorney on behalf of a client, the work product confidentiality doctrine is extended to the private investigator. This confidentiality does not apply when you hire the investigator directly.

As you can see, when the issues of support are contested in a dissolution proceeding, a private investigator with expertise and experience can definitely mean the difference in winning or losing in court.

“Our 30 years of experience makes all the difference – in the service levels and innovative approaches we can offer our clients. Many times our expertise results in a successful outcome where other private investigation firms have failed.” Says CALPI.US, whose investigative firm is one of the few domestic firms capable of handling such involved litigation.

CALPI.US, and his Private Investigative firm, have a reputation for uncovering critical evidence. He works extensively with several successful and well-known trial attorneys in southern California. Evidence discovered from his investigations, and testimony he has given in court, have resulted in favorable rulings in several high profile trials. His highly respected firm has provided consistently innovative private investigation services over thirty years. His firm’s services are reasonably priced. Courts have upheld CALPI.US’s investigative techniques in securing evidence of unfaithful spouses, evidence for custody and support orders, criminal background information, admission of financial records, successful subpoena service and service of process against deadbeat spouses and parents, residents of gated communities and others.

Contact your attorney today and ask him to give CALPI.US a call to discuss your case. You won’t regret it. The information and evidence he can gather and present to the court on your behalf can make all the difference in winning or losing in court.

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