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Giving Back as a Process Server

Monday, December 16, 2019

Giving Back as a Process Server

The holiday season is upon us and provides the opportunity for process servers to reflect on their year, show appreciation towards their clients, and give back to the community they proudly serve. Partaking in social good not only provides a sense of fulfillment but also creates networking opportunities and recognition by the community that could boost business throughout the next year. Here are a few simple ways process servers can give back to those around them.

Host a Toys for Tots Event

Process servers can use their office as a donation center for Toys for Tots. It is a great way to give back to the community without even leaving the office. Sign up as a host and then, prior to meeting with clients, inform them that you are collecting for the holidays. People are generally in better spirits this time of the year and are more than happy to bring a small toy for donation.

Start a Local Community Project

Gather your colleagues, family, and even other process servers in the area and team up to start a community service project. As a process server, you have a unique understanding of your community as you travel throughout your area and interact with a broad range of people each day. You know what your community is lacking and can use this insight to better it. Whether it is starting a trash clean up program, repairing damaged homes, or finding shelter for stray animals, there are many ways you can take charge to improve your surroundings.

Run a Holiday Promotion

Donate a certain amount earned from each serve to a non-profit in your area. Announce your charitable promotion via your website, social media channels, or email blast letting your clients know that a portion of their purchase is going to a good cause. Clients are more likely to choose your business knowing that you are giving back to those in need.

Host a “Thank You” Party

Thank your clients for their continued business throughout the year by hosting a small holiday party. It is not necessary to host a huge or fancy affair, simply send out an email to past clients inviting them to your office for the gathering. Provide homemade treats and cider as appreciation. You can also announce a special discount to those in attendance for their next service.

Offer Mentorship

The industry is overwhelming at times for a new process server. Connect with new servers in your area and offer them mentorship by providing guidance and ensuring that they are in the know of local rules and regulations. This betters the community by adding another knowledgeable professional to the area.

Give your Services

Not everyone who desperately needs legal services can afford it. One of the best ways you can give to your community is by donating your process serving skills and time to help others who wouldn’t be able to afford your services otherwise. Find a local legal aid non-profit near you and offer pro bono serves. Legal proceedings can be emotionally draining for those involved and your willingness to help at no cost could make someone’s case more bearable.

Simply Volunteer

One of the easiest ways to give back is to simply volunteer your time for the greater good. Find a cause in your area that speaks to you and sign up to lend a hand. It could be serving dinner at your local homeless shelter, getting involved at a nearby YMCA or Boys and Girls Club, or even volunteering at the library. Anything is appreciated by those you are helping.

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