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A people and business locate investigation is a type of investigation launched to find, or trace, a person. This person is usually considered to have “skipped out” on a legal or financial responsibility, hence the reason why many people refer to this service as a “skip trace.” However, it is important to note that a people and business locate investigation is not always limited to those types of cases. A good California licensed investigator will be able to handle a people and business locate investigation with ease, regardless of the details.

What Is People Locate/People and business locate investigations Investigation?

The primary objective of a people and business locate investigation is to locate a specific person for a specific reason. The California licensed investigator you hire will locate the individual using a variety of investigative techniques. A people and business locate investigation is typically launched in an effort to find defendants in a court case. Most cases involve folks who have missed a court date or skipped out on bail, but there are actually lots of reasons to request a people and business locate investigation, such as:

  • You are trying to find a missing heir
  • You want to locate a childhood friend
  • You are currently dealing with adoption matters
  • You are attempting to locate your birth parents
  • You would like to revisit former classmates
  • You need to find a lost member of your family
  • You know someone who has gone missing or ran away
  • You require the testimony of a witness who cannot be located easily
  • A debtor has defaulted on a payment obligation
  • A current address is needed in order to serve family court documents
  • A client of yours missed a hearing as a defendant in a court case
  • An individual needs located to inform him or her of unclaimed assets, death in the family, etc.

A California licensed investigator is able to assist nearly anybody with their people and business locate investigation, including:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Criminal and/or civil defendants
  • Attorneys
  • Law enforcement agents
  • Registered agents
  • Plaintiffs

Important Information Regarding the Average People and business locate investigations Investigation

A California licensed investigator will begin the investigation by collecting essential evidence. This will be done only after the goals of the client are discussed and agreed upon. The California licensed investigator responsible for the investigation will then use a variety of techniques to find an accurate and up-to-date location of the person or business in question. The techniques used might include the following:

  • Researching of records
  • Visiting of courts, post offices, and libraries
  • Surveillance of people, places, and things
  • Performing in-depth background checks
  • Performing in-depth corporate checks
  • Holding interviews with persons of interest

California and Its People and Business Locate Investigation Laws

It is important to note that each state has its own unique people and business locate investigation regulations. When it comes to locating a person, it is best to always do so under the limits of the law. Most local law enforcement agencies concern themselves first and foremost with public safety. Meaning, officials will not readily pursue a person for you over a personal matter or debt.

Lawbreakers are pursued by police, but only with the resources left over after more pressing matters are addressed. For this reason, a California licensed investigator or attorney is typically needed. He or she can perform a thorough people and business locate investigation on your behalf without breaking the law.

Why a California licensed investigator Is Necessary

Aside from it begin legally and ethically pertinent to hire a California licensed investigator to handle a people and business locate investigations investigation, here are some other good reasons:

  • California licensed investigators use resources that are exclusive to their practice.
  • California licensed investigators can verify the legitimacy of any information discovered.
  • California licensed investigators can usually investigate leads more readily than local law enforcement.
  • California licensed investigators can locate hard-to-find individuals, fugitives, and runaways.
  • California licensed investigators can use various forensic tools to successfully complete a people and business locate investigations investigation.
  • California licensed investigators provide more accurate information than popular people locator websites such as PeopleFinder and Intellius.

CAUTION: Online people locator websites and services are not as reliable as you may be lead to believe, and any evidence gathered there cannot typically be used in any legal matter. Accurate and verifiable information can only be attained when you hire a qualified professional such as a California licensed investigator.

For more information on having a people locate/people and business locate investigations investigation conducted on your behalf, or to hire a California licensed investigator immediately, call 844-663-4631. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.

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