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‘SNL': Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren Mocks That Fake Sex Scandal as Her ‘Vibe for Sure’ (Video)

Sunday, October 6, 2019

During “Weekend Update” on the second episode of “SNL” season 45, Kate McKinnon brought back her impression of Elizabeth Warren for a really funny take on a ridiculous fake sex scandal from earlier in the week.

On Thursday, repeatedly disgraced right wing troll Jacob Wohl was mocked after he tried, and failed spectacularly, to smear Warren with a false accusation that she had a BDSM-tinged affair with a 24-year-old ex marine and sex worker.

Skip ahead to “Weekend Update,” when Colin Jost and Michael Che invited Kate McKinnon-as-Elizabeth Warren out to roast the whole ridiculous episode.

“That’s Elizabeth Warren’s vibe for sure. Transactional sex with a younger man,” McKinnon joked. “Look. Rumors have power when they feel true. What has ever felt less true than any single part of that?”

“If you think I’m in a room with a veteran and you think I don’t immediately thank him for his service and make sure he’s getting his VA benefits, you’re insane,” McKinnon’s Warren continued. “Also, also, 24? Any man younger than me by one day is my grandson.”

But McKinnon’s Warren did cop to one part of the accusation. “Part of that is true. I am into BDSM: Bank Destroying and Saving Medicare.” So there you have it.

Watch the bit below:

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