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‘SNL': McKinnon as Greta Thunberg and a Magic Snowman Unite to Bum Everyone Out for Christmas

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The cold open of this week’s “SNL” didn’t feature any celebrity cameos, but it still mined politics for jokes, with Aidy Bryant as Sam the Snowman from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” and Kate McKinnon as Greta Thunberg bumming everyone out with some very chilling lessons for christmas.

At the beginning of the sketch, Bryant as Sam the Snowman noted that Americans “seem more divided than ever,” but she said that if we looked in on some holiday dinner conversations, we’d see people are a lot more similar than we think. The sketch then dropped in on three different American families — a multiracial liberal family in California, a white conservative family in South Carolina, and a black family in Atlanta.

The California family talked about the impeachment and of course they supported it. The South Carolina family meanwhile denounced the impeachment and affirmed their support for Donald Trump. And the Atlanta family mostly pointed out how racist America is — and also debated whether “Bad Boys 3” will be any good.

After several times bouncing back between the families, the scene swapped back to Bryant as Sam the Snowman with some bad news for everyone.

“Now those three families may seem different, but you see they have one important thing in common: They live in states where their votes don’t matter, because none of them live in the three states that will decide our election,” Bryant as Sam said. “They’ll debate the issues all year long, but then it all comes down to 1000 people in Wisconsin who won’t even think about the election ’til the morning of. And that’s the magic of the electoral college.”

That’s when McKinnon as Thunberg came out with a real bummer of a Christmas message of her own — that thanks to climate change, all polar ice is going to melt, making like 90% of everything we associate with Christmas a thing of the past. “In 10 years, this snow man won’t exist. Her home will be a puddle. Santa, reindeer, the north pole, gone,: McKinnon as Thunberg said. “And the elves will drown.”

McKinnon’s Thunberg then wished everyone a possibly last ever Christmas, and offered Donald Trump a holiday message: “Step to me and I’ll come at you like a plastic straw comes to a turtle.” Also, she told him “grow up.”

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