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‘The Daily Show’ Imagines Elizabeth Warren as a Whiny Billionaire’s Horror Movie Monster (Video)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah poked fun at the way America’s ultra-wealthy have responded to Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, by imagining her as a horror movie monster aimed strictly at billionaire audiences.

Preceding the gag, Noah played video clips of histrionic reactions from extremely rich people to Warren’s proposals, like a wealth tax, and her criticism of extreme wealth concentration. This included a weird incident this week when billionaire Leon Cooperman literally burst into tears during a CNBC appearance.

“Are you crying?” an incredulous Noah asked in response to the clip. “You’re a billionaire who’s crying because Elizabeth Warren is criticizing billionaires?” Noah then pretended to offer Cooperman a tissue before adding “get the f— out of here, man. Are you serious right now?”

“Let me tell you something,” Noah continued. “The only time you should be crying as a billionaire is when a ghost teaches you the meaning of Christmas, that’s the only time.”

Then, noting that “clearly, the 1% is terrified at the idea of Elizabeth Warren,” Noah rolled out a funny fake trailer for a new “Wall Street horror movie” in which Warren is the bad guy. Called “The Warren of Wall Street,” it uses clips from the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but edited so it looks like the actors are terrified by Warren’s suggestion that rich people should pay taxes.

Watch the whole clip above.

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