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‘The Daily Show’ Solves the Problem of Substitute Teaching in the COVID-19 Era (Video)

Friday, May 22, 2020

On Thursday, “The Daily Show” took a deep dive into the challenges facing teachers amid the COVID-19 pandemic who are now teaching at home using teleconferencing services like Zoom. And one challenge the show identified is what to do if a teacher falls ill and needs a day off, considering how weird the whole remote learning thing must already feel for students and teachers alike.

So it is that the show rolled out a fake commercial for a business called “Zoomstitute,” which provides substitute teachers for use in Zoom-based classrooms. The catch: The service promises to provide “every type of substitute teacher you’d find in real life.”

Examples include:

“Inspirational inner city substitute,” a guy played by Roy Wood Jr. who tries to encourage kids to become doctors while also getting basic video game references hilariously wrong.

“The running 30 minutes late substitute,” a guy played by Ronny Chieng who came in just in time to dismiss everyone for the day.

“The too much information substitute,” a woman played by Dulcé Sloan who shares creepy personal stories with the whole class.

“The stuck in the past substitute,” a guy played by Michael Kosta who is obsessed with his high school tennis career.

“The substitute who’s on his phone the whole time,” played by Jaboukie Young-White, who was on his phone the whole time.

And finally, “the acting too young for her age substitute,” a woman played by Desi Lydic who uses outdated slang and tries to dab.

Watch the whole segment above — the fake commercial kicks in around the 5 minute mark.

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