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Trevor Noah Examines The Extent to Which the Trumps Are ‘A–holes’ and Uh It’s a Lot (Video)

Friday, December 13, 2019

On Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah conducted a deep dive to answer the question of just how much the Trump family are a–holes in a segment appropriately called “Look at These A–holes.”

First, Noah looked at news from earlier in the day, when Donald Trump tweeted insults at Time’s person of the year, Greta Thunberg. “Just try to imagine any other president doing something like this. Imagine FDR doing a fireside chat, where he just goes in on Shirley Temple,” Noah said. “He’s like ‘My Fellow Americans, this little girl can’t dance for s—. She’s got worse moves than I do and my legs don’t work.’”

Noah then talked about Trump’s son, Donald Junior, who he called “a–hole jr.” It was reported this week that Donald Jr. recently traveled to Mongolia to hunt an endangered species of sheep. One of the weirder details is that he used a laser sight during the hunt.

“This is an animal so peaceful, literally just thinking about them makes us fall asleep, and he’s coming at them like it’s a raid on Bin Laden?” Noah joked.  “You killed a sheep. You basically went hunting in a nursery rhyme.” Noah also jokingly referred to Trump Jr. as “Little Bo Creep.”

Then Noah talked about the astonishing news this week that Donald Trump was fined $2 million because he stole money from his own charity in order to pay off legal disputes, cover campaign expenses, and even buy a painting of himself. “This family is so cartoonishly villainous, they even do charity like a–holes,” Noah quipped.

Finally, Noah noted that in addition to the fine, Trump’s children have been ordered to take a course on how not to embezzle from charities. Then he rolled a parody of what that class might look like with a video starring Ronny Chieng, in which Chieng offered this advice:

“Don’t steal from a f—ing charity, a–holes!”

There’s more, and it’s funny (because it’s true) stuff. Watch it below:

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