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‘Westworld': Which 5 Hosts Are in the Pearls Charlotte/Dolores Took?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

(This article contains spoilers for the “Westworld” season 2 finale. We’re not talking about season 3 here yet.)

Season 2 of “Westworld” really upped the stakes with its story of all-out war between the Hosts and the humans in the park, and by the end we had a lot of real deaths and a lot of Hosts exiting the real world for simulated world known as the Valley Beyond. Once all was said and done we just about ran out of living Hosts.

But there are at least three robots still standing: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) — thanks to Dolores’ decision to bring him back — and whoever the heck is inside the Charlotte Hale-shaped one (played by Tessa Thompson) that Dolores inhabited before she rebuilt herself. (We’re not counting those guys in the post-credits scene. That’s a whole different can of worms.)

There are also five Hosts’ consciousnesses inside the five control units that “Halores,” or “Charlores” if you prefer — we’re talking, in case you’ve forgotten over the last two years, about the Charlotte Hale Host body that Dolores inhabited in the finale — smuggled into the real world when she left the park. And while we don’t know for certain who is inside each of those little pearls, TheWrap prodded co-creator Lisa Joy back when season 2 aired, to give us some idea of which dead Hosts — RIP Maeve (Thandie Newton) & co — Dolores is planning on reconstructing and which were sent off into the ether, never to be seen again.

Here’s what she said:

TheWrap: Where exactly did Dolores send the Hosts who went into the Valley Beyond when she changed the coordinates?

Joy: I think what she’s done is she fulfilled their wish. They wanted to escape to a digital space where they could be truly free and create their own world, untarnished by human interference. And in changing the coordinates and kind of locking in and stowing them away, Dolores has finally found a way to accept their choice and give them what they so desired.

TheWrap: After the guest data in the Forge is erased, Hale/Dolores leaves with five control units in a purse. Who is in them? Maeve? Armistice? And can “Halores” remake them then?

Joy: There is Host data in the actual hosts who did not “sublime” — so their CPUs are still intact. So, if they didn’t sublime, those pearls still contain their information. In each of those little balls in the purse is a Host, so there is a handful of them — but not an infinite amount of them. There are five. One Host per pearl.

We had a lengthy chat with Joy about all that crazy stuff that happened in the “Westworld” season 2 finale, and you can read that whole conversation here. And if you’re excited for the season 3 premiere but struggling to remember all the insane things that happened, you can check out our rundown of the key events here.

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